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Mirandda, your personal shopper behind the mirror

Create a unique and interactive experience in the fitting room area

Thanks to Mirandda the shop experience becomes a pleasant and inspiring moment

Mirandda espejo inteligente

Mirandda identifies the clothes introduced to the fitting room and then gives more information about them. The customer can easily view, though the intelligent fitting room, all sizes and colours available. In addition, recommended items will be shown in order to complete the look. 

Mirandda probador interactivo

Mirandda allows the customer to request other items without leaving the fitting room. The requests can be viewed by the sales staff through the monitoring displays and their mobile devices so they can handle the call as soon as possible. 


The buying process becomes an easy and innovative experience.


Identify yourself in the fitting room and show your created wishlist through the web.


Complete your look with customised recommendations based on your preferences.

Mirandda Business Intelligence

Benefits of relying on Mirandda

Espejo inteligente Mirandda

Fitting Room Application

Probador interactivo Mirandda

Catalogue Application