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Mirandda Smart Mirror

The presence sensors identify when the client enters the fitting room turning on the mirror. 

Mirandda Language

The customer can choose between several languages and select the “mirror mode” and the “display mode” when deciding to interact with the mirror.


By scanning the RFID tags of the clothes, the mirror will show more information about the sizes and colours available, being able to request them without leaving the fitting room. 

Order Managing

The shop assitants will see the notifications on the monitoring displays and on their mobile devices in real time so they can handle the request as soon as possible. 


Monitoring display

The shop assistant receives the notification in real time on the mobile devices. 

Wearables for sales assistants

The monitoring display, located outside the fitting rooms, will show from which one has been launched the request and its progress. 

Icon Mirandda Smart Mirror employee

The mobile devices will show the stock of the article and its location within the shop. 

Mirandda Smart Mirror Analysis

Big Data

Through the platform is possible to get to know interesting data about the customers that can help the business optimisation

The number of clients that have entered into the fitting room

The most scanned articles

The most effective sales assistant

Fully configurable

Audiovisual Content

Get the attention of your customers with visual content, animations and fully interactive videos.

Cloud Solution

Update your contents remotely and change the content of your campaign When and from wherever.

Increase your sales

Buy this powerful tool of communication and sales High impact